Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakin' the law...

Heres the thing of it.  Mummsie had to run some errands today and took me and Sissy for a ride with her.  After stopping to get coffee at her favorite bakery (she always tells us it is her all time second favorite cup of cafe in the world), we went to her studio for a moment.  Mummy ran into to take care of a few things and while she was in there I thought to myself, "Maggs, this looks like a lovely part of town to explore" so I pushed Sissy out of the way and wriggled my way out of the partially closed car window (I had to really put some work into it, but I am not one to give up once I've made up my mind).  Sissy was watching me out of the window "Your going to be in so much trouble" she said with the roll of her eyes.  She is always such a goodie-two-shoes, I want to live life to the fullest, (besides Mummy would agree - she has a gypsy spirit just like me), and I would be back before Mumms even came back out.  Looking both ways before crossing the street I started out down the road.  I sniffed around a bit and when I got about two buildings down a  black car stopped and a man with a black uniform got out.  Speaking to me nicely he opened his back door for me to get in, perhaps he would give me a proper tour of this lovely town.  I was sure he would bring me back quick enough for me Mummy to not even realize I had gone.  So without hesitation in I jumped; it was nice and cool on his leather seats so I got comfy.  Down the street we went a bit and pulled into a driveway right next to Mummy's studio, not a second later Mummsie exited the building and the man asked if he knew who I might belong too, she practically dropped boxes she was carrying, "Oh my Goodness" she said eyes bugging out of her head.  "I'm so sorry, I don't even know how she got out of the car" (I'm smart like that!!) "Maggie" she cried "what have you done?!"  The man explained that he had seen me walking down the center of the road and then sniffing about with no parent to watch over me.  Me Mummy apologized again, "Maggie! The Police?!?!?" she looked at me in a serious tone.  THE POLICE?!?!?!  I didn't know he was a police man!! If only I would have read the words on the car I would know that it was a cop car I was getting into, he was just sooooo nice!!!

To Mummy's relief, the police man said something and laughed, which made her laugh, I was WAY to afraid to hear what they were saying, my mind was racing, thinking that I was going to the clink!!!! Then Mummy came over and petted my head and just shook her pretty head at me.  Then, I heard her say to the Cop "I know this is a bit twisted, but can I take a picture, no one will believe this" the cop laughed with his reply "Absolutely, I'll take one too, my wife will get a kick out of this."  HOW HUMILIATING, they were having a laugh at my expense!

As it turns out, I was not going to jail.  The nice Police man let me out of his car and into Mummy's care once more.  Once we got home, Mummy gave me a treat (Sissy too) and explained that I could not run off on my own any more, she loved me too much and would be heart broken if she couldn't find me and keep me safe.

I am exhausted now from this dramatic morning, so I am going to lay down on my little bed and take a long nap... I wish you all sweet dreams and grand adventures (with the exception of the kind that involve the copers!!)

XO ~ Outlaw Maggie-Mo.

Music: Bad to the Bone by George Thoroughgood

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  1. ...Maggie....there are NO words to say right now. (after a few moments of quiet contemplation).......What were YOU thinking? A ride in the car....a stop at the cafe....a moment to pause at the studio and it wasn't enough for ya? Most dogs don't get that kind of treatment in a week and you get it all in a matter of an hour! I now know where "in the doghouse" originated....I looked in the dictionary and there you were Maggie-the-Mo! Woof!