Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On Sunday night Mummy put me, Sissy, & Diddy into the car and brought us to a place called the Fairgrounds in our town.  Gathered behind a large fence, on the grass were hundreds of adults and kiddies of all ages sitting on picnic blankets all looking up at the sky with some sort of anticipation.  Was there going to be an alien invasion and they all were going to the mother ship?  (I've seen enough X-Files and Torchwood to know what's going on).  A man came out onto a platform and spoke really LOUDLY  "Is everyone ready?" the crowd lit up into a unanimous cheer, kids danced up and down in excitement "10....9..." the man said and the crowd joined in "8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...."

Pop! Bang! Boom!

Holy cricket!! What was that? I backed up behind Diddy as a deafening sound filled the sky 
above us, joined by screaming children.  I paced nervously. 

Then, all at once a huge explosion of color took over the night sky and seemed to melt into it 
as the colored lights fluttered down towards us.    It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!!!

"What do ya think Maggs?" Mummy asked rubbing behind my ears.  I looked up at her my 
eyes full of excitement ("Not at all bad!!!").

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I jumped again.

The sky lit up once more with white shimmering lights that twinkled and glimmered magically. 

I was mesmerized. 

On and on the loud sounds kept coming followed by pretty colors and lights.  Some flew whistling into the air, others exploded into hula-hoops of color and others flew around the
sky like colored lightning bugs.  Then, they came to a halt

I looked for Sissy, wanting to share my excitement.  I found her hiding under Mummy's 
skirt(she doesn't like loud sounds). Scardy dog!  

Is that it? -  I wondered...

In an instant, without warning, the sky was on fire once more with thunderous sounds and 
magnanimous colorful lights and shapes.  I couldn't take my eyes away, I didn't want it to 
end... but as all things do, it came to a stop and everyone headed out, each with a ear to ear 
grin, even the adults had the glow of child like excitement.  

As we walked away, I looked back up at the sky once more, hoping for one last little set of 
prismacolor lights to set off, they didn't. But I am delighted to have them in my 
memory now forever. 

Wishing you all a luminous evening!

XO - Maggie-Mo.


Music:  Sticks and Stones by Jonsi

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  1. Oh the life you leave Maggie! How and the world did your diddy and mummy ever find you! So the tables turned huh? First you pull the "get a free ride" token with the nice man in a blue suit then they turn the tables and put the surprise on you with the 10, 9, 8....Pop, Bang, Boom! I wonder, just wonder, what you are cooking up behind that golden coat of yours! I can't wait to see how you are going to top this one!!!