Wednesday, September 25, 2013

!Lucky Tails!

Our favorite boy!

   This is Jack.  Once upon a time, not so long ago, his name was Hansel.  Hansel has a sister who's name was Gretel, together they were dropped off at an animal shelter and waited their turn to find their forever homes.

Me mummy had been following his story, asking, hoping he would be saved.  She wanted to adopt him as a new best friend for me Kitty-Nana.  Me mummy just knew that Hansel would be the perfect companion for Nana and that she would be the most wonderful forever friend for him.

 Then,  one day, mummy heard that their time... was up. 
She was so sad that these beautiful babies were going to die for no reason - other than they were "out of time", because the shelter could no longer afford the keep them, feed them, shelter them.  

Suddenly, while awaiting their ends, a group named Pet Tails came to the rescue, Just in Time!!!

The second she heard the news that the puppies were pulled from the euthanasia room in a last second rescue, she got on the phone with the owner of Pet Tails to scoop him up.  As it turned out, five other people had the same idea.  Me mummy wrote a shining review for me Kitty-Nana and gave several references, one of whom was her Auntie who replied to Pet Tail's owner "I would want to be reincarnated as one of the family dogs, they are treated like royalty!".   I am happy to report that Me Kitty-Nana was chosen as Hansel's new forever friend!!!   Gretel too found a new forever loving home only a few towns away from me Nana!  

They immediately took to each other when Nana went to meet her new boy, they both smiled happily and me Nana cried happy tears, and named him Jack.  A new name that was perfectly fitting for his new life.

There are many new adventures to be had, and we will share them here on Mo's blog!!  So keep your eyes open. 

On a sadder note (and I never like to end on sad notes, but this is very important):  
   It is too too often that these cases do not end happily, not just for doggies, but for kitties, horses, birds, rabbits, and any other kind of animal you can think of.  It is too often that we look the other way and say "I wish I could" but do nothing.  All it takes is a moment of your time to spread news and share that an animal is looking to be saved and live a wonderful life, just a few dollars that you may have spent on an unnecessary pair of pretty heals or a new hunting jacket to save a little love's life and find that home that will love them their whole lives. 

I would like to say thank you with all of me puppy-heart to ALL of the people out there with galactic sized hearts who spend endless hours working to animal rescue, making the world a better place one life at a time.

Lots of love and hope,
your forever friend - Maggie-Mo.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mo Want Candy!!!

Sweet e'llo everyone,

It was a scorcher today! Me couldn't make up my mind if me wanted to be under my favorite trees or inside where it was cooler.  Me almost melted into a puddle of fur.  Me mummy got me a pool to cool me belly off in as well, but to no avail.  Finally me plunked myself on the floor in front of the Air Conditioner in our dining room and took several cool naps.

Me heard a light dingling tune run through my dream (Me was chasing the rotten squirrels in our neighborhood),  when I woke up and coming around the bend was the ice cream truck.  I remembered that all the kiddies in the area running up to it excited walking away with cones, bomb pops, and ice cream sannies and then I thought about all the times that me Mummy gave me ice cubes to crunch on - me figured it was the same thing, so without wasting any time me begged Mummsie to let me out.  Me ran down the street, greeting the truck with more enthusiasm than any of the little squirts with two legs.

The kids pushed in front of me and got their sweeties and when it came to me, the man behind the counter looked out at me with his coke bottle glasses and smiled, then went back behind the wheel. Me barked at him "Hey you guy, bark bark bark...." he just laughed and began the truck "me want one" me sounded out with my puppy speak.  But off he drove.  Watching as he drove away, me thought it so unfair.  "What's wrong with my girl?" Mummsie said as she followed me into the house and me thumped down on the floor pouting.

After dinner, me parents put me in the truck for a ride, me figured we was going to the river to swim, but drove right by it and down the road, where me began to smell something yummy on the hot air.  to a building that had a huge pink awning. sniffing out the window, there was something yummy on the hot air.  Out of the car me hopped and followed a large group of sandals and flip flops and one huge pair of hairy feet up to the building where they shuffled slowly up to a window.  Each pair of legs carried away a cone or dish of Ice cream!! Holy shnikies - we were here to have ICE CREAM!!
Me waited pacing excitedly for my turn, watching the girls at the window hand out endless mulit-layered scoops with cherries, and candies, and rainbow-colored sprinkles toping each delicious serving. Me looked at the selections and let mummsie know what me wanted; Once it was our turn a sweet girl greeted me with a smile and took me mummy's order - "a big one for me" me whimpered in anticipation.  Me watched as the girl in pink spooned out several large scoops of purple yumminess and handed it through the window.  Me began to drool like never before, big puddles forming on the walkway.  Mummsie and Diddy sat under an umbrella teasing me with every lick they took of their cool treats, with each passing lick me thought, this is it, me gets the rest! But no, they finished it off leaving me with a sad purple stained cone to snack on.  Yes it was cool and yes it tasted yummy, but me thought me'd get me own.  I was thoroughly disappointed again, for the second time today.  
They put me back into the car and closed the door, me was about ready to disown them for the rest of the day when suddenly two girls in pink came up with bowls of vanilla soft serve adorned with cute little puppy treats - Really? This was all for MO?!?  Me licked away elated.  Oh what delight!!! It was sticky, and sweet and cold on me tongue and slid cooly down into me hot belly.

Me even tried to eat the bowls, it was sooooo soo soooo soooo gooood!!!

Mummy and Diddy gave me pets and kisses after "was that good our girl?" they asked with big sticky smiles.  Me wagged me tail contented and cooled down from the long hot hot day.  Me belly was so full that me didn't even stick me head out the window to catch the breeze.

Tonight me will sleep well, happily, me belly cooled down and dream of that darned chipmunk family that is living under our patio, they keep teasing me...  {:o}

Ni'nights!  XO - Candy-Girl Mo.

Music: "I want candy" by: Bow Wow

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chocolate salty ..... Yumminess!!!

The weather has cooled a bit, but best of all the humidity has seemed to curl up and die...Ahhhhh!!!  Anywoof - this means me Diddy is going away for a "guys" weekend fishing in Ontario, and me Mummy always like to send them away with treaties.  So today, after a nice long walk and a game of bally (I love me bally!) I helped her make a batch of not just brownies - but triple layer brownies - these marvels include chocolate chip cookie dough - OREOS - and brownies, and if that wasn't enough there is also a layer of chocolate fudge topping!! HOLY CHOCOLATENESS (not that I know what this tastes like, but it looks divine).

 Mummy - Mo is here to help!
Ok, I'll help with the butter - you want me to melt it? I'll just use me tongue!!! 

NomNom!!!!!!Here you go, it's all melted!

What do you mean that wasn't what you meant??? 

Now we add some flour....

 And then some eggys - ok this does not look delicious!

 But this sure does, I love licking the bowl (Ok this one was staged for dramatic effects, you know how the saying goes - If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun - Katherine Hepburn)

 Final results are in - holy yumminess.... 

I don't know how the fishing will go, but I do know these treats won't even make it all the way to Canada - eh!  

Have a treaty filled weekend! 
XO - Top Chef Maggie-Mo.

Disclaimer - no doggies were fed chocolate during the making of this production.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..and sometimes a little bit more

The day always starts out so well when  Mummy & Diddy are at work, me chases me tail - it's rather playful you see, taunting me and always just barely out of reach, running me in circles until me is dizzy, or until it's caught itself in one of the plants - she's also quite clumsy. 
After I is done pulling the silly stick out of me tail, I does a bit of Yoga, it really is the best to do sixty-minutes a day of exercise and besides rolling in a bit of mud or running after me bally, Yoga is me favorite - mostly "downward dog".  Then...
I like to do a bit of light reading before me takes a nappy to rest a bit to break up the day..

I chew on me bally, making it squeak until it sounds sad and dead-like...unmoving

...And then I play Hide-N'-Seek with me friends.  5..4..3..2......1 1/2.....1 1/4.....1...

"Here Mo come!"

I look up and immediately see me friend Tristan "hiding", not behind me food bowl, but his face in it, stealing me Yumyumms!  Silly bum,  that was way too easy.  Then I look around a bit, hear a pucky-pop-pop sort of sound; there I find Willow-Kapoot...

peeking around the corner, who also, funny enough, seems to be eyeing me dinner bowl...hmmmmmmm

Looking around for a long while, in corners, under the stairs and beds, along with under me pillows (one of her favorite spots to pop out a scare me from), Noomi is not to be found.  I finally give up with a tired huff.  Just as I'm about to fall asleep into me second nap of the day, I hear a heavy crinkling coming from beyond the hallway.

I know that sound better than the sound of cheese wrappers, it's me Yumyumms bag, I just know it.  I bolt into the closet and barked loudly; out pops a startled looking Noomi, crumbs all over her sticky claws.

Here I was trying to have a fun filled game of hide and seek and all me friends wanted to do was steal me food - I guess everyone is plain hungry!!  I have to admit, I too am becoming a bit famished.  Game over, its time for a snack.

I poke around the kitchen for a bit until me remembers - I hasn't go no thumbs, and can't pull out the stuffs on high-shelves, where all of the good stuffs live.  So me starts sniffing around for anything that Mummy or Diddy might have left behind (Diddy likes his late night snacks and sometimes leaves treaties behind).  But not this time I guess.  I'll have to wait for dinner time... and me tummy rumbles.  I try to take another nappy with me hungry bunch, but.....

...The truth is, at this point of the day, me starts getting a bit bored.  I does the best me can... but a girl can only be left alone for so long.  So, I get creative, start sniffing around - me nosey likes to help me find things to do, and some days, me nosey leads me to a tiny room where a basket of interestingly smelly-like things are sitting around.  I push a few items around with me nose finding paper. I LOVE the sound paper makes while I tear it apart -  fiiiiiiitttttt fiiiiiiitttt fiiiiiiiiiiiiittTTTTtttttt, it always keeps me attention - So that's exactly what I do -

      FffffIIIIIttttttttttt     FiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTTTTtttttttTTTTTtttttt..... gots some sphhhhhhearmint floss too....mmmmiiiinnnnttttyyyy.....

I don't hear the front door open...

"M  A  G  G  I  E  -  M  O!  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !"
Me Mummy yelps - "What have you done now? - Uuggghhh!!!"

Me tries to thinks quickly - me tries to hide - me jumps into the bath - BUT... too late, she's caught me.

"well no treaty for you little miss" she scolds with one eyebrow raised (I swear sometimes she really is half Vulcan).  I tried to blame Tristan, I tried to blame Noomi, I even tried to blame Willow Kapoot who would have been the perfect scape-octopus, but not one of them was anywhere around, I was on me own in this one.  I felt a bit bad for a while, I looked at me mummy pitifully with sad me eyes, sat down to think about what I had done wrong, and as I thought about it, me suddenly remembered that 
someone once said (and it seems to have stuck, 'cause everyone me knows says it), "there's a lesson in everything"...So me guess' what me's learned today is; It's never a good idea to leave a Maggie-Mo alone for very long, It's never really me fault that me does these stuffs.  And perhaps is would be an advisable idea for someone with able thumbs to shut doors to rooms they do not want curious kids like me in while they isn't looking.  Aaaannnndddd.. perhaps someone would be kind enough to leave me a few treats to snack on during the day so me and me curious nosey don't go looking for snackies in untraditional places. What a rotten end to the day.

Mummy Didn't seem to take me suggestions seriously, and so the next day she and Diddy went off and did their jobs - building schools and writing adventure stories for hopeful publishing success, leaving me here alone, doors open, mischief to be had, no treats again. 
I sure wish there were at least some treats to keep me at bay for the rest of this long long long long rainy day.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................KER-THUMP-bump-ump.......

  What in the heck?

           HOLY CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         I sure don't know how this happened, but, Me wont tell if you doesn't - teeheeeeee
  - Sometimes wishes do come true. Here's to wishing you unexpected treaties (you never know).   XOX - Maggie Mo


Friday, February 8, 2013

The Warrior.

Before Ni'nights a couple nights ago Diddy and me engaged in a game of "rough-up", this is a game we play often, but this particular night the game went into overtime as we'd come to a paw to hand tie.

At the end (the winner was undoubtedly me - just in case you for some silly reason though otherwise), Diddy and I snuggled for a bit - both panting in exhaustion.  "My awesome girl" he said wheezing out of breath smiling "that was epic!!"

When we finally made it up the stairs to bed, I found me Mummy passed out in the guest room with her computer in hand, so I jumped up and made me-self comfy with her (she's a really fantastic bed sharer - unlike selfish-Diddy).

<<<Later that night I found me-self in a MMA fighting cage- head to head with Diddy,  I threw paw swings and he tried to trip up me feet, I barked loudly at him and he pulled me tail, I spun around with a fake tail bite and lunged at his leg - but before I could get to it **BOOM** I found me self squished>>>
suddenly a light went on and I heard a sweet voice come from the Ref "Maggs!!!" ... I blinked "Mo-mo my love what happened?" the sweet voice half laughed - The Ref was me own Mummy, the fight cage suddenly vanished from site, I found me-self in the bedroom, I should say under the bed, between a bunch of pillows, the mattress and the wall.

"you scared me and I was in the middle of such a great dream" Mummy said, pulling the bed away from the wall - "come on then" she tried to lift me up, but me was pinned and twisted in such a way, that it took her over 10 minutes to get me out "that must have been one heck of a dream my girl" she said petting me,  I shook me body, it was I thought.

Mummy straightened out the bed and the pillows and me and put a border up between me and the wall
She said "I don't want you to roll off again little one" and packed me in tight with her.  I put me paw on her hand as we fell back into a deep sleep - no more fighting tonight I promised... but I didn't promise that I would go on a wild chase with the next door Emu...

Until next time, sweet dreams and fun adventures.
XX - Maggie the Warrior

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hopes of a deal... A book deal that is

I am wishing and hoping, and working on manifesting me getting me first book picked up early this year. Please send out good vibes - Cheers - XOX - Maggsters!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Adventures

.... Almost done with my first new blog in a long long while, been working quite hard on it,  but feel it's time for a lil' break to fill you in a little on the last year since I've written.
Sissy - Kiya Bean

A year ago now,  me Sissy Kiya passed on from cancer.  She took her journey back to the stars, leaving us with the promise that she would always look after us.  She has kept her promise and comes to see me in me dreams sometimes, still warning me to be a good good girl; but, despite all of her wise advise and efforts, I've still got me curiosity and sense of adventure for life, which means...  I've got lot's more adventures and stories to tell you, so, I'm back to fill your daily life's with Maggie-ness and hopefully lots of laughter.

So keep your eyes open for my new tales to pop up and I promise to keep my new adventures coming.

See you soon.
Love, Maggie-Mo.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Runaway Kid

   Yesterday Mummy left me out in the back yard all day, all lonesome and took me Sissy for a long ride with her, she told me she was taking Sissy to see the doctor because she didn't feel well, and would be back soon.
Sissy faking sick
"Soon" turned into hours and I was starting to feel a bit neglected and unloved.  When they finally did arrive home I took one look at Sissy and decided that she did not at all look sick, she ran out to take a nap in her favorite spot and me Mummy came to give me loves, I was in a rotten mood with her.  Little lying minx!
   For the rest of the day I snubbed me mummy, well deserved I say and when Diddy came home I gave him all of my attention making sure Mummy saw.  "Why are you stuck to me like glue Mags?" Diddy asked, Liar-Mummy told him that I just was being a little jealous girl, that Sissy went for a ride but not me.

Diddy tried to explain the "sissy is sick" thing, but I ran off an played with my bally.  I couldn't believe it, they were both in on the lie! Then Diddy just shrugged and said "Well Mags, if you don't like it why don't you just run away?"

Right then and there I decided that I would.  I would teach them a lesson and they would see how much they would miss me.  This morning when they let me out to play I snuck around the side yard, under a small space in the fence and was off...

Down into town, passing the Inn and the consignment store across the street and down the road.

I went to the into the forest and then to the Hall of Springs (it's really quite a lovely spot), and had a roll in the grass.

   As the day grew later and I was feeling a bit nappy, I laid down for a bit to think about my strategy and after a little I got a bit hungry, which made me think of all the delicious nibbles me Mummy always had for me, which got me to thinking about Mummy, she wasn't really all that bad... actually she was really quite sweet to me, I also thought about Sissy, and how I loved to play with her and torment her with my bally, then Diddy slipped into my head.  I loved it when Diddy played with me, he was so much fun!!! If I didn't go back I would be an all alone, on my own, an orphan!!

   So, for the second time this week I made up my mind, I stood up, looked around me and was off once more...  Down the tree lane, through the brick halls, and through the town ... til there it was, home sweet home.   Mummy came running up to me, "Oh my little flower, where have you been?  I've looked everywhere for you!" Mummy cried and gave me the biggest hug ever on the planet. Sissy hobbled over, she had a bumpy on her leg, I hadn't noticed it before, me jealousy had taken over. she really was sick! I had been soooo wrong! I made it a point to hang out with her for the rest of the afternoon, and gave her sick paw kisses. I even gave her me red bally to play with.

   When we all were settled in for the night I went to
 all of them and gave them a kissy, letting them know how much I love them, that there was nowhere else I'd rather be, than with me family.
Well, I've had a long day, so ni'night's for now and may you all have as fantastical and loving a family as me and not take them for granted.                                          XO - Little almost orphan Maggie

Friday, July 22, 2011

Copy Written!!

Me just reading a few good books

Hurray!!!  Me Mummy has gotten me Copywrite (since I don't have me own money yet).  So off I've sent me tails.  Off into the ocean of publishers.  Wishing for the best success!!

XO ~ Maggie the Published Author (to be)!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thunder Struck

What a crazy morning! Diddy went off fishing as the sun rose this morning. The second he opened it, I shot out the door like a rocket.  I was sure I was going with him, instead mean ol Diddy put me out on my runner to play by me-self.  It was so early that Mummy and Sissy were still dreaming away.  So, I made myself comfy in my favorite spot in the yard for a little morning nappsy, when......ZZZZAAAAAPP!
A huge bolt of energy and light filled the world around me. I couldn't see anything!! Then.......CRRRAAACCCKKKK BOOOOOOOMMMM!!! A tremendous noise filled the still white void.  Holy Shnikies!!! What was that?!?  I dared not move.

Colors started reappearing through the void and the world around began to come back into view.  Everything went on as it had before the flash, except.... I noticed, the birds were very still, not making a peep.... I wondered, was there more of that energetic loud craziness to come?  I sure hoped not.

No sooner did I think it, the blinding white flash appeared again.  Every hair on my body stood up straight (and that's a-lot of hair people). It was so close that I feared that next time it might just swallow me whole!! I wasn't sitting around to find out!!  I got up on my shaky paws and ran into the void, I was pretty sure to our shed. I wiggled me little body under as far as I could get it as an even bigger, louder.....

  Then IT came.... the battering sheet of rain.

As the world continued to flash and boom violently, I saw the outline of something tall running towards me.  IT WAS MUMMY(in her jammies)!!!  she unchained me quickly and ran me inside.  "My sweet darling" she cooed as she hugged my soaked shaking self. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were outside, I was sleeping"  She looked at the clock, it was only 5:57 AM.  She wrapped me in a big fluffy towel and rubbed me down, from the tip of me nose to the top of me tail.   I shook,  the excess water splashing all over her.  Sissy just looked at me annoyedly, snorted and rolled over right before she began to snore again. But me Mummy, she didn't make a fuss, she got me me blankly and covered me with it with a kiss on me head.

I sure don't know what that craziness was outside, but for now, I was safe and warm, no hungry sounding thunder could get me in here, and I've been promised that when I wake up later today, I will get extra loves and treats to make up for me scary adventure.

Me eyes are heavy now, more lat.........                  

XO - nearly electri-fried  Maggie.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On Sunday night Mummy put me, Sissy, & Diddy into the car and brought us to a place called the Fairgrounds in our town.  Gathered behind a large fence, on the grass were hundreds of adults and kiddies of all ages sitting on picnic blankets all looking up at the sky with some sort of anticipation.  Was there going to be an alien invasion and they all were going to the mother ship?  (I've seen enough X-Files and Torchwood to know what's going on).  A man came out onto a platform and spoke really LOUDLY  "Is everyone ready?" the crowd lit up into a unanimous cheer, kids danced up and down in excitement "10....9..." the man said and the crowd joined in "8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...."

Pop! Bang! Boom!

Holy cricket!! What was that? I backed up behind Diddy as a deafening sound filled the sky 
above us, joined by screaming children.  I paced nervously. 

Then, all at once a huge explosion of color took over the night sky and seemed to melt into it 
as the colored lights fluttered down towards us.    It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!!!

"What do ya think Maggs?" Mummy asked rubbing behind my ears.  I looked up at her my 
eyes full of excitement ("Not at all bad!!!").

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I jumped again.

The sky lit up once more with white shimmering lights that twinkled and glimmered magically. 

I was mesmerized. 

On and on the loud sounds kept coming followed by pretty colors and lights.  Some flew whistling into the air, others exploded into hula-hoops of color and others flew around the
sky like colored lightning bugs.  Then, they came to a halt

I looked for Sissy, wanting to share my excitement.  I found her hiding under Mummy's 
skirt(she doesn't like loud sounds). Scardy dog!  

Is that it? -  I wondered...

In an instant, without warning, the sky was on fire once more with thunderous sounds and 
magnanimous colorful lights and shapes.  I couldn't take my eyes away, I didn't want it to 
end... but as all things do, it came to a stop and everyone headed out, each with a ear to ear 
grin, even the adults had the glow of child like excitement.  

As we walked away, I looked back up at the sky once more, hoping for one last little set of 
prismacolor lights to set off, they didn't. But I am delighted to have them in my 
memory now forever. 

Wishing you all a luminous evening!

XO - Maggie-Mo.


Music:  Sticks and Stones by Jonsi

Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakin' the law...

Heres the thing of it.  Mummsie had to run some errands today and took me and Sissy for a ride with her.  After stopping to get coffee at her favorite bakery (she always tells us it is her all time second favorite cup of cafe in the world), we went to her studio for a moment.  Mummy ran into to take care of a few things and while she was in there I thought to myself, "Maggs, this looks like a lovely part of town to explore" so I pushed Sissy out of the way and wriggled my way out of the partially closed car window (I had to really put some work into it, but I am not one to give up once I've made up my mind).  Sissy was watching me out of the window "Your going to be in so much trouble" she said with the roll of her eyes.  She is always such a goodie-two-shoes, I want to live life to the fullest, (besides Mummy would agree - she has a gypsy spirit just like me), and I would be back before Mumms even came back out.  Looking both ways before crossing the street I started out down the road.  I sniffed around a bit and when I got about two buildings down a  black car stopped and a man with a black uniform got out.  Speaking to me nicely he opened his back door for me to get in, perhaps he would give me a proper tour of this lovely town.  I was sure he would bring me back quick enough for me Mummy to not even realize I had gone.  So without hesitation in I jumped; it was nice and cool on his leather seats so I got comfy.  Down the street we went a bit and pulled into a driveway right next to Mummy's studio, not a second later Mummsie exited the building and the man asked if he knew who I might belong too, she practically dropped boxes she was carrying, "Oh my Goodness" she said eyes bugging out of her head.  "I'm so sorry, I don't even know how she got out of the car" (I'm smart like that!!) "Maggie" she cried "what have you done?!"  The man explained that he had seen me walking down the center of the road and then sniffing about with no parent to watch over me.  Me Mummy apologized again, "Maggie! The Police?!?!?" she looked at me in a serious tone.  THE POLICE?!?!?!  I didn't know he was a police man!! If only I would have read the words on the car I would know that it was a cop car I was getting into, he was just sooooo nice!!!

To Mummy's relief, the police man said something and laughed, which made her laugh, I was WAY to afraid to hear what they were saying, my mind was racing, thinking that I was going to the clink!!!! Then Mummy came over and petted my head and just shook her pretty head at me.  Then, I heard her say to the Cop "I know this is a bit twisted, but can I take a picture, no one will believe this" the cop laughed with his reply "Absolutely, I'll take one too, my wife will get a kick out of this."  HOW HUMILIATING, they were having a laugh at my expense!

As it turns out, I was not going to jail.  The nice Police man let me out of his car and into Mummy's care once more.  Once we got home, Mummy gave me a treat (Sissy too) and explained that I could not run off on my own any more, she loved me too much and would be heart broken if she couldn't find me and keep me safe.

I am exhausted now from this dramatic morning, so I am going to lay down on my little bed and take a long nap... I wish you all sweet dreams and grand adventures (with the exception of the kind that involve the copers!!)

XO ~ Outlaw Maggie-Mo.

Music: Bad to the Bone by George Thoroughgood